Finished Filming: 9-11-70
Written by: Ed Jurist
Directed by: William Asher

Ricky Powell as Sidney
Imogene Coca as Mary

Summary: Tabitha excitedly runs next door to tell Sidney, the Kravitz' nephew, that she lost her first tooth, but her excitement disappears when Sidney tells her there's no good fairy. She tells her mother and Samantha explains that if she really believes, the good fairy will come. It's all a lot of nonsense to Darrin until he sees Mary, the Good Fairy -- complete with wings and magic wand -- coming out of Tabitha's room. He wakes Sam and, realizing that Mary has a nasty cold, Sam offers her some brandy to "warm her up." Mary belts down one after another, gets totally crocked and tells Sam she'll have to be her substitute for the night. With a wave of her wand, Sam finds herself in Mary's costume and without her powers.

Samantha flies off on her tooth collecting expedition but when she returns in the morning, Mary stubbornly refuses to take back her wings. As Sam and Darrin are trying to reason with Mary, Tabitha comes down and wants to tell Sidney that her mother is the good Fairy, but Sam tells her to keep it a secret- - not knowing that nosy Gladys Kravitz had seen her fly off the night before. Then, the Kravitz' bring Sidney over to play with Tabitha and while Darrin is occupied with them, Sam hides in the kitchen and Mary slips out.