Finished Filming: 11-20-69
Written by: Lila Garrett and Bernie Kahn
Directed by: William Asher

Bernie Kopell as Dr. Rhinehouse
Nydia Westman as Mrs. Quigley

Samantha returns from shopping to find that Endora has changed her living room furniture from Early "Stephens," to Louis the Fourteenth. Samantha pops her own furniture back. Only after they have "popped" the furniture back and forth do they realize that Darrin's mother, Mrs. Stephens, is standing in a state of shock watching the spectacle. She is convinced she is losing her mind. When Darrin arrives, Samantha tells him what happened and that the only thing to do is to tell his mother the truth - that she is a witch. Darrin finally agrees and Samantha puts on a little "show of witch power" for Mrs. Stephens. A little skeptical at first, Mrs. Stephens seems to be calmer and surer of her sanity but when her husband, Mr. Stephens, arrives, she blurts the "secret" to him. When Samantha tries to show her powers to Mr. Stephens, nothing happens - as the Witches Council has temporarily removed her powers because she told Mrs. Stephens about being a witch. Now, Mrs. Stephens is absolutely convinced she has lost her mind and quite dramatically leaves a note for her husband and commits herself to a nursing home. Samantha, her power restored, finds Mrs. Stephens. When one of the ladies at the nursing home takes one of Mrs. Stephens tranquilizers, Samantha arranges for her to see some very strange things. The result is that the doctor examines the pills from Mrs. Stephens bottle (which Samantha has "doctored") and announces they are not tranquilizers but a hallucinogenic. With this reasonable explanation to everything that's been happening to her lately, Mrs. Stephens is returned to her usual state of mind and to an anxious Mr. Stephens and Darrin.