Finished Filming: 11-14-68
Written by: Jerry Mayer and Paul L. Friedman Directed by: Richard Michaels

Cliff Norton as Prof. Mac Allister
Meg Wyllie as Miss Dobrin
Jill Foster as Miss Wilson
Ed McCready as Moving Man #1
Jerry Rose as TV Man
Cosmo Sardo as Barber
Bob Barr as Moving Man #2

Summary: Darrin plans to take Samantha out to dinner for their anniversary. Endora pops in to babysit with Tabitha. She sees a dress Samantha is making for Tabitha and feels Samantha is being deprived. Endora asks Prof. Mac Allister, a warlock, to cast a spell. He appears at the Tate Agency with a hairy doll called the Fuzz, and asks Darrin to market it on a 50/50 basis. The Fuzz makes Darrin feel good, and in a burst of generosity, he offers Larry a share, but is refused. Miss Wilson, the receptionist, takes 10% as a finder's fee. The Fuzz makes everyone feel good, but Samantha and Tabitha are immune. The doll is a huge success and Larry regrets his refusal.

Under its spell, Darrin loads Samantha with presents. Samantha is suspicious but Endora denies everything. As the sales skyrocket, Darrin buys more gifts, backs a musical, and prices yachts. Larry gives 10% of the agency for a share in the doll. Darrin considers a palatial estate and declares it is only the beginning. Endora, finally confesses, and removes the spell. Larry is bitter when the fad suddenly fades, and with it, all his hopes for a fortune. The Stephens celebrate at home, Tabitha in the dress Samantha made. Darrin is sure Samantha took sewing lessons from Betsy Ross.