Finished Filming: 6-20-67
Written by: William ldelson & Samuel Bobrick Directed by: R. Robert Rosenbaum

Frank Wilcox as J.P. Sommers
Gene Blakely as Dave
Paul Barselow as Al
Nancy Kovack as Sheila

Summary: Endora makes life uncomfortable for Darrin after he scolds her for spoiling Tabatha. At a conference with Wendell, a prospective client, a cobra crawls out of Darrin's briefcase. Fired on the spot, he accuses Samantha of siding with her mother against him. Samantha maintains that Darrin really loves her. She accepts Endora's challenge to see what would have happened if they had not met. Invisible, they watch Darrin drive up in a flashy car, to a plush office, decorated with pictures of his yacht and golfing trophies. There Larry offers him a partnership. Although Samantha insists Darrin is lonely, her confidence wanes when Sheila, his old flame, discusses their impending marriage. Her father, J.P. Sommers, Larry's best client, is paying for an elaborate wedding and honeymoon and has magnificent plans for them. Samantha insists Darrin is lucky, not happy.

Darrin confides to a bartender that Sheila is wonderful and a millionaire's daughter, but he's not sure he loves her. He bumps into Samantha and feels he knows her. Darrin wonders if he's been holding off Sheila for someone else and asks Samantha to wait for him. Sure Darrin was unhappy without her, Samantha asks Endora to bring him back. Darrin appears and tells Samantha that despite their differences, he can't live without her. Larry rehires Darrin, praising him for scaring off Wendell, now indicted for fraud. Darrin admits that for once, Endora was helpful. He tells Samantha he can't imagine his life if he hadn't met her. Embracing him, Samantha replies they'll never know.