Finished Filming: 9-17-70
Written by: Ed Jurist
Directed by: William Asher

Vic Tayback as Officer #1
Paul Smith as Officer #2
Imogene Coca as Mary
Herb Voland as Mr. Ferber

Summary: Gladys Kravitz sees Mary (the former Good Fairy) leaving the house and, to get information about what's happening at the Stephens', she invites her in for some brandy. Mary gets loaded again and when she leaves, she's picked up by two policemen. Gladys sees the whole thing and calls to tell Samantha, then Darrin goes to the station to get Mary. When Darrin returns with Mary, he gets a warning call from Larry's secretary. Larry and Mr. Ferber, the new client, are on their way to see Darrin's new ad campaign-- the ad campaign that Darrin hasn't had time to work on.

Sam takes Mary upstairs for a nap and when Larry and Ferber arrive, Sam hides in the den. Darrin tries to stall them, but Ferber won't be put off and when Larry pushes past him for the den, Darrin is on the verge of panic. They open the door and find Samantha wearing Ferber's Reduce-alator, a weird looking sauna suit, that conceals the fairy costume. She and Darrin improvise a campaign that satisfies Ferber and Larry and they finally leave.

When Mary awakens, she finds that the heat of the Reduce-alator has completely wilted her wings ... and to top it all off, Samantha spills some Bloody Marys down the front of the costume. Mary is so outraged that she demands to have her wings back and, to the Stephens' relief, goes back to being the Good Fairy.