Finished Filming: 11-26-69
Written by: Shirley Gordon
Directed by: William Asher

Sara Seegar as Mrs. Nickerson
Parley Baer as Mr. Nickerson
Kay Elliot as Aunt Hagatha

1) No credit listing for Ferris wheel operator.

Summary: Tabitha enters the room and asks to go to the park. Samantha says no that she has too many chores to do that it isn't possible for her to go. Tabitha asks for an ice cream cone. Samantha says she can have one and before Samantha can give it to her, Tabitha makes one appear in her hand. Samantha and Darrin get angry because Tabitha isn't permitted to use her witchly powers. She is sent to her room for the afternoon. Tabitha is upset because now that her brother is here, she has to share her mother's attention with him. She goes to her room and begins to wish for a new mother, one who will give her all her attention. When a second Samantha appears, Tabitha excitedly makes plans to go out and play.

Tabitha and the duplicate Samantha go to the park where they encounter one of Samantha's neighbors, Gladys, who asks about Adam and gets no response. Gladys calls Darrin at the office to report this strange behavior. Darrin calls Samantha and asks her why she left Adam alone and took Tabitha to the park. Samantha is confused to what is happening. Samantha puts Adam to bed and the duplicate Samantha brings Tabitha down to the dinner party that Darrin and Samantha are having for some business clients. Tabitha eats too much and gets a stomach ache. Tabitha confesses to Samantha what she has done in creating a duplicate mother. Samantha explains that although she must say no to Tabitha it doesn't mean that she doesn't love her.