96. "THREE WISHES" (2-9-67)

Finished Filming: 12-16-66
Written by: Robert Riley Crutcher
Directed by: William Asher

Linda Gaye Scott as Buffy
Edythe Sills as Secretary
Robert Stiles as Western Union Boy

Summary: After Darrin tells Samantha he wishes he weren't going to Hawaii on a business trip without her, Endora feels he's up to something and gives him three wishes to prove it. At the office, Darrin's wish comes true when he learns that Larry is going to Hawaii instead. When Darrin announces he must escort Buffy Baker, a beautiful bathing suit model, to a business luncheon and cocktail party, Endora, smirking, eagerly awaits his next wish. Darrin reports he must fly to Boston with Buffy on business, but will be home in time for dinner. Late that night, Darrin phones that a freak snowstorm has grounded all planes. Endora feels she is responsible for the storm. When Buffy can't get a hotel room, Darrin gives up his room to her and goes to the airport to take the first flight out.

A wire for Darrin arrives at the Stephens' home and Endora slyly persuades Samantha to phone Boston. Buffy answers the phone in Darrin's room and he gets a cool reception when he arrives home the next morning. Samantha declares she's going home to her mother. To disprove Samantha's argument that he used the three wishes for Buffy, Darrin wishes Endora were there. She appears immediately. When he wishes she would stay out of their lives forever, she vanishes. Samantha makes him change it to a week. Forgetting he still has one wish, Darrin wishes for a hot shower and lands there, in his pajamas.