Finished Filming: 12-16-64
Written by: Joanne Lee
Directed by: Joseph Pevney

Alex Gerry as Mr. Woolfe
Peggy Lipton as Secretary
Jonathan Daly as Gideon Whitsett

Summary: When Darrin refuses to allow Samantha to act as matron of honor at a cousin's wedding in Egypt, Endora tells him he's in trouble. Immediately Darrin starts having problems with his campaign to get the Woolfe Brothers Department store account. Despite Darrin's protests, Larry Tate gives him an assistant. The assistant, young Gideon Whitsett, soon maneuvers himself into being regarded as a brilliant young man. On the make, Gideon soon has Woolfe looking to him for ideas, which he has stolen from Darrin.

Darrin is sure Gideon is a warlock whom Endora has assigned to take his job. When everything else fails, Samantha decides to stop Gideon herself. Using witchcraft, Samantha gets Gideon to reveal the ruthless maneuvers he has been using to get Darrin's job. Darrin, who overhears the conversation, finally realizes Gideon is not a warlock. A right to the jaw puts Gideon out of action. His confidence restored, Darrin sells Mr. Woolfe on his idea for a successful campaign.