Finished Filming: 10-15-70
Written by: Bernie Kahn
Directed by: Richard Michaels

J. Edward McKinley as Mr. Rockfield
Ysabel MacCloskey as Mrs. Rockfield
Barbara Rhoades as Aretha

1) Last episode with Paul Lynde.

Summary: Uncle Arthur is in love -- hopelessly in love -- with Aretha, a snobbish witch who can't and won't tolerate a practical joker. Attempting to conceal the fact that he is an uncontrollable "jokoholic," Uncle Arthur casts a spell which transfers all his pranks to the Stephens' home ... literally turning it into a fun house. Darrin gets home from the office and as he walks through the front door, a bucket of water upsets itself right on his head. Realizing what was going on and who was behind it all, Samantha tries to contact Uncle Arthur before Larry arrives with a potential client -- but without success.

Landing the Rockfield Furniture account means a great deal to Darrin --and a lot more to Larry -- so Larry brings Mr. and Mrs. Rockfield to the Stephens' house for dinner. Stuffy Mr. Rockfield isn't the least bit amused at the series of not-so-practical jokes which occur...glasses stick to the table ... Darrin's shoes stick to the floor and, out of nowhere, there appears a barrel of monkeys -- real monkeys. Rockfield's aggravation steadily increases. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Sam is still trying to contact Uncle Arthur. Finally, he pompously pops in. Since Aretha is with him, he denies any knowledge of what's going on. Sam has no choice -- she opens the door and when Aretha sees the monkeys she pops out. Uncle Arthur realizes that Aretha was just a phony and removes the spell. The house is back to normal and with the usual assistance from Samantha, Darrin comes up with an ad campaign that more than satisfies Rockfield and lands the account.