Finished Filming: 12-22-66
Written by: David V. Robison & John L. Greene
Directed by: William Asher

Grace Albertson as Cynthia Pennybaker
Jill Foster as Secretary
Dan Tobin as Ed Pennybaker

Summary: Embarrassed when he forgets a client's name, Darrin buys a book to improve his memory. Endora slyly casts a spell on his watch so that when he wears it, Darrin has a perfect memory. Ed Pennybaker, a client, prides himself on his vast knowledge but Darrin tops him every time. When Darrin takes off his watch, he forgets things, but doesn't get the connection. Samantha invites the Pennybakers and the Tates to dinner. Ed displays his expertise on every subject, but Darrin easily outshines him. Samantha realizes that Darrin may antagonize an important client. She tries to stop him but fails. Then Samantha remembers that Endora felt Darrin would be insufferable if he had total recall. She orders her mother to remove the spell from Darrin. Endora hedges, saying there is no spell on Darrin, then admits its on an object belonging to him.

Ed mentions football and Darrin is off on a recital of little-known facts about the game. Suddenly his watchband breaks. The watch falls off and Darrin forgets what he was talking about. When Cynthia Pennybaker picks up the watch and becomes the unbearable expert, Samantha realizes the watch is the talisman. She takes the watch and Cynthia returns to normal. The next day, Darrin complains that he can't remember what happened to his watch. Samantha replies it is being fixed; all Darrin has to remember is how much she loves him.