Finished Filming: 10-8-70
Written by: Lila Garrett & Joel Rapp
Directed by: William Asher

Diane Murphy as Raggedy Ann
Felix Silla as Troll
Bob Cummings as Mr. Berkley
Nan Martin as Mrs. Berkley

1) One of the toys brought to life by Serena is The Fuzz Doll from "One Touch of the Midas".

Summary: When Samantha discovers she's losing the zip in her zap, Serena tells her she'll have to go for a ten thousand twitch overhaul. This "witches lube job" requires Sam to leave the mortal world for twelve hours, being incommunicado with her mortal mate for the whole time. Larry, meanwhile, comes up with a potentially lucrative account, Berkley Hair Tonic. He's depending upon his ace ad man, Darrin, to pull another creative coup. Larry wants Darrin to invite Mr. and Mrs. Berkley to his house to establish a rapport before presenting his ad campaign. Berkley, a born skeptic, isn't about to give up his "bread" by being buttered up by the Stephens' hospitality.

Serena, taking advantage of Samantha's absence, pops herself in and, much to Darrin's chagrin, declares herself to be substitute spouse. Because company's coming, Darrin is forced to play husband. He begs Serena to blink up a meal and to try to be extra nice for his sake. When the Berkley's arrive, Serena is overly nice to Mr. Berkley -- to the obvious disapproval of Mrs. Berkley. Serena creates a chaotic situation that is resolved only when Samantha blinks herself in just in time. She justifies her previous behavior (Serena's) by explaining that she is in sensitivity training. Angered because her cousin has straightened things out, Serena seeks revenge by animating one of Tabitha's stuffed trolls hoping to embarrass the Stephens'. Darrin, quickly catching the caper, says that the troll is all part of his new ad campaign.
The "hair" raising comment saves the day for Darrin.