Finished Filming: 12-18-69
Written by: Richard Baer
Directed by: Richard Michaels

Art Metrano as Chick
Jeff Burton as Doorman
Judy Strangis as Sandra
Cindy Malone as Lee Anne

TOMMY BOYCE and BOBBY HART as Themselves

Summary: Darrin has just successfully signed the currently popular singing team of Boyce and Hart for a client sponsored special on television. He arrives home jubilant to find Samantha's cousin., Serena, visiting. Serena has been elected the chairman of the Cosmos Cotillion, an annual dinner dance of the "witch set" and must find some unique entertainment for the affair. After listening to the Boyce and Hart record that Darrin brought home, she decides that they will be perfect for the Cotillion. Samantha tries to talk her out of the whole idea but to no avail. Serena goes to talk to Boyce and Hart and their manager, Chick Cashman. She quickly interests Chick Cashman in her offer, as she says she will pay three times their usual fee. However, when she tells them they will sing a song composed by her, they think she is a fake and throw her out.

This only makes Serena more determined to have Boyce and Hart appear at her affair. She casts a spell on them making them unpopular. Their fans turn from them, their engagements are broken and due to the turn of events, they naturally accept Serena's offer of a job. Darrin, however, is also suffering due to the spell Serena has cast. Due to the unpopularity of the team, who Darrin had convinced the client to back, his boss and the client blame Darrin for a poor choice. As his job is at stake, Samantha decides to step in and put a stop to Serena's spell. Samantha pops in at the Cosmos Cotillion just as Boyce and Hart have finished their number. She demands that Serena return them to earth, make them forget where they were and remove the unpopular spell she had put on them. Serena does as Samantha says and all is well with both Boyce and Hart, who continue their climb to the top, and with Darrin who is once again in the good graces of his boss and the client.