Finished Filming: 01-20-69
Written by: Michael Morris
Directed by: William Asher

Peter Bracco as Mr. Lovelace
Robert Terry as Walter Blodgett
Cosmo Sardo as Maitre D'
John Fielder as Mr. Beams

Summary: Tired of being an international playgirl, Cousin Serena decides she wants to be a mortal housewife, just like Samantha. She consults Dr. Beams, of the Human Equation, a computer dating bureau. Serena doesn't tell the truth, feeling the machine would break down. Beams arranges a date at a swank restaurant with a charming sophisticate, Franklyn Blodgett. It is love at first sight. As Serena raves about Franklyn to Samantha, his father, Walter, warns against mixed marriages, with a mortal. Arriving in a driverless limousine, Franklyn praises the mess Serena cooked, in the normal way.

When Serena can't confess she's a witch, Samantha advises her to do some magic. Franklyn ignores the witchcraft, until Serena pops in and out. She is stunned when he too performs magic. They envision a lifetime of wedded witches' bliss but everything ends when Franklyn belittles Serena's magic. Later, Samantha and Serena go to Mr. Lovelace's computer matchmaking office. As he arranges a date for Serena, a crown pops on his head. They realize the computer has found Serena out again.