Finished Filming: 1-9-67
Written by: Jack Sher
Directed by: William Asher

Arthur Julian as Cunningham
Tom Palmer as Chairman
Mickey Deems as Jenkins
Paul Sorensen as O'Leary
John Alonzo as Guard

1) Paintings used in this episode are courtesy of the Martin Lowitz Gallery.

Summary: Samantha paints a picture for a charity exhibit. Unimpressed, Endora replaces it with a Henry Monet, currently on view at Jacques' Gallery in New York. At the office, Darrin completes a perfume ad layout for Mr. Cunningham, who considers himself an art connoisseur. At the amateur exhibit, Samantha, Darrin and Cunningham find that the entry with Samantha's signature has won first prize and will be auctioned off for charity. Darrin and Samantha feel sick, knowing it isn't her work and Samantha recognizes the signature as Endora's handwriting. To prevent Cunningham from buying the picture, Darrin bids against him in the auction. As the price rises, Cunningham hints that if he doesn't get the painting, Tate may lose his account. Darrin drops out and Cunningham buys the picture for $1500.

Darrin invites Cunningham and the Tates over for coffee. Samantha finally summons Endora. Endora assures Samantha she just "borrowed" the Monet and it will pop back to Jacques at midnight. Samantha orders Endora to put things right, knowing Cunningham will blame Darrin when the picture disappears. Endora scorns Cunningham's perfume in comparison to an irresistible fragrance concocted for her in Tibet. Using this as bait, Samantha gets Cunningham to trade the painting for Endora's perfume. Cunningham admires Samantha's own painting and she is happy to present it to him. When Darrin complains he no longer knows what's real and what isn't, Samantha kisses him as proof of what is real.