Finished Filming: 1-10-66
Written by: Lee Ervin
Directed by: William Asher

Barbara Morrison as Doris
Harry Holcombe as J.T. Glendon
Arlen Stuart as Ethel
Janine Grandel as Brigette
Dick Gautier as Aubert

Summary: Samantha tries unsuccessfully to make her own dress for an affair at the home of an agency client, J.T. Glendon. Whisking Samantha to Paris, Endora takes her to the showroom of Aubert, a couturier who has failed in his attempts to break into the American market. Back home Samantha uses magic to duplicate an Aubert original. Doris, J.T.'s wife admires the dress. Suddenly, Samantha finds herself committed to making dresses for Doris, J.T.'s sister, Ethel, and Gladys Kravitz. Darrin reveals J.T.'s party is a preview of original creations by his new client, Aubert. Samantha is stunning but the other three women look awful in their creations.

Aubert faints when he sees the women wearing his "originals." Later, Darrin tells Samantha that Aubert, certain he has been double-crossed, is suing the agency. Samantha convinces Aubert that he has failed in the American market because he hasn't created dresses for women like Doris and Gladys. With Aubert designing, Samantha finishes dresses for another show in which even Gladys is a standout.