46. "JUNIOR EXECUTIVE" (11-18-65)

Finished Filming: 6-18-65
Directed by: Howard Morris
Written by: Bernard Slade


Oliver McGowan as Mr. Harding
Helene Winston as Matronly Lady
John Reilly as Boy #1
Rory Stevens as Boy #2
Sharon DeBord as Secretary
Bill Mumy as Boy Darrin


*) Billy Mumy was also the boy in "A Vision of Sugar Plums".

*) Remade as "Out of the Mouthes of Babes".

Summary: Darrin is struggling to create an advertising campaign for a toy ship model manufactured by Mr. Harding. When Samantha wonders whether the Stephens' baby will look like his father, Endora turns Darrin into an eight year old. Returned to normal, Darrin goes to his office. Samantha repeats a disparaging remark Darrin made about Endora. Piqued, Endora turns Darrin into a boy at his office. Mr. Harding sees Darrin and compliments Larry on hiring a child to devise a campaign for a toy. Samantha uses magic to return Darrin to normal size but is called on time after time to change him from man to boy when Harding insists on having a joint meeting with Darrin and the boy.

Finally, as a child, Darrin meets two boys who tell him the ship model is no good because it can't do anything. As Darrin, the man, persuades Harding and Larry to make the changes suggested by the two boys, Samantha, gratefully produces a kite for each. When Darrin tells her he'd like to join them, Samantha replies he'll have his own son to play with soon.

Courtesy: Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Page