23. "RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT" (3-4-65)
Finished Filming: 12-31-64
Written by: Roland Wolper
Directed by: David McDearmon

Gene Blakely as Dave
Dan Tobin as Mayor
Vic Tayback as Mayor's Chauffeur
Robert Dorman as Policeman

Summary: The lack of a traffic signal at busy Morning Glory Circle makes it virtually impossible for the Stephens or their neighbors to cross without risking life and limb. Joe Harvey calls a meeting at his home to discuss plans for doing something about it. Darrin makes an ad for a mass rally at the school auditorium to force City Hall to put a traffic light on the corner. However, Samantha has trouble getting Endora to return the traffic signals she has collected. Endora even brings a London bobby to the Stephens living room. The bobby, of course, has disappeared by the time Gladys Kravitz brings her husband to see him.

At the rally, the Mayor tells his constituents a traffic light is unnecessary. However, using her witchcraft, Samantha has the Mayor and his limousine so tied up in a traffic jam, that he is convinced a traffic signal is necessary. Endora, as a final touch, brings a modern traffic signal to the Stephens home for the victory celebration. Gladys sees it, but by the time she brings Abner, Samantha makes Endora cause it to vanish.