47. "AUNT CLARA'S OLD FLAME" (11-25-65)

Finished Filming: 8-4-65
Written by: Bernard Slade
Directed by: E. W. Swackhamer


Hedley Partridge as Charlie Ruggles


*) Remade as "Samantha's Magic Mirror".

*) Aunt Clara took a doorknob from Buckingham Palace.

*) Endora tells us that her and Clara aren't blood relatives.

Summary: Aunt Clara tells Samantha and Endora she is hiding from warlock Hedley Partridge, because she fears her old beau will discover her magic no longer works. Seeing in Hedley a husband for Aunt Clara, who has become a problem, Endora invites him to the Stephens home. Samantha decides to make sure Aunt Clara's tricks work. Unaware of this, Aunt Clara is sure her gift is returned when she matches all of Hedley's tricks. When Samantha goes out of the room, Aunt Clara tries to follow Hedley's romantic suggestion that they turn themselves into nightingales, but Hedley becomes an animal, while Aunt Clara's lower half disappears.

Gladys Kravitz, who has become hysterical watching the strange happenings, drags Abner over to the Stephens house. When Samantha returns Aunt Clara and Hedley to normal, Aunt Clara is crushed to learn that Samantha helped her all along. Gladys skeptically accepts Abner's explanation that Hedley's magic was performed with the aid of wires. Aunt Clara and Hedley each admit that none of their tricks work as well as they used to. Promising to return, Hedley leaves. Aunt Clara tells Samantha his parting gift, a rhinestone doorknob, is more precious than an engagement ring.

Courtesy: Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Page