Finished Filming: 9-21-67
Written by: Tom and Helen August
Directed by: Richard Kinon


Laurie Main as Francis
Richard Bull as John Alden
Peter Canon as Miles Standish
Jacques Aunuchon as Phineas


*) Samantha defends Darrin in his trial but women usually weren't allowed at such events.

*) Aunt Clara once accidentally calls Sam "Mantha".

Summary: Aunt Clara longs to see her Pilgrim friends on Thanksgiving day. She pronounces a spell and zips the Stephens family, Gladys Kravitz and herself back to 17th Century Plymouth. Worried what might happen to witches, Darrin begs Samantha to get them back home but learns only Aunt Clara can do that. Samantha manages to twitch everyone into Pilgrim dress. When she asks Darrin to light a fire, he strikes a match, and is immediately dubbed a witch by Phineas. Darrin is put on trial, with Miles Standish presiding. Phineas advises Darrin to confess witchcraft but declares he's doomed either way. John Alden pleads for proper evidence but Phineas retorts no one but a witch would defend Darrin. Aunt Clara tries frantically to recall the spell to get them back home.

Samantha, conducting Darrin's defense, asks Phineas to light a match which he calls a witch's stick. When he hesitates, Samantha twitches the match into flame. Phineas must now confess himself a witch or withdraw the charges. Standish orders Darrin freed, just as Aunt Clara remembers the spell. Sure her Pilgrim clothes will convince Abner, for once, Gladys heads for home. Samantha twitches and all are back in modern clothing. Gladys feels she dreamt the whole episode. At the Thanksgiving table, the Stephens are horrified when Aunt Clara suggests it would be nice for Tabatha to meet Santa, at the North Pole before Christmas.

Courtesy: Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Page