Finished Filming: 8-22-68
Written by: Arthur Julian
Directed by: Luther James


Dick Wilson as Drunk

Summary: Claiming that Darrin and Samantha never go anywhere, Mrs. Stephens suggests that Samantha enter a slogan contest run by a diaper company, with first prize being a trip to Tahiti for two. Meanwhile, Darrin works on new layouts for Barton Industries. Then Larry reports that the company, a diversified operation, has plans to use Samantha's slogan for its diaper division. Larry angrily tells Darrin to stay in Tahiti when he gets there. Darrin and Samantha quarrel when he insists she used witchcraft, not imagination, to come up with the winning slogan. Darrin explodes when Larry asks Samantha to head a new slogan department, to help gain another Barton account.

Samantha finds Darrin brooding over the wreckage of his career and his marriage, at his favorite bar. Hoping to set everything straight, she leaves with Darrin's portfolio. Then Barton reports that a computer analyzer turned down Samantha's slogan. He adds it was great timing to have Darrin's layouts on his desk, since they received the highest acceptance average of any Barton ad. When Darrin complains about his mother, Samantha presents the Tahiti trip to her in-laws.

Courtesy: Bewitched & Elizabeth Montogmery Page