76. "THE MOMENT OF TRUTH" (9-22-66)

Finished Filming: 7-6-66

Written by: David V. Robison & John L. Greene

Directed by: William Asher


Kasey Rogers as Louise Tate

David White as Larry Tate

Marion Lorne as Aunt Clara


*This is the first episode with Kasey Rogers as Losuise Tate.

*That's a Flintstones "Pebbles" doll on Tabitha's toy shelf!

*Can anyone else see the strings on the saucepan that is flying to Tabitha??? Very sloppy special effects!


Larry: Pick a straight line, any line, a
nywhere and I'll walk it for you.

Darrin: Why don't you walk from where you spilled the champagne to where you burned the table?

Summary: Samantha still hasn't found the courage to tell Darrin Tabatha is a witch. When the baby, using her witchcraft , turns the living room into a mess, Aunt Clara is sure her own failing powers are responsible. Larry and Louise Tate arrive to help celebrate the Stephens' anniversary. As Tabatha practices her witchcraft in her crib, things start moving in the living room downstairs. Following a toy pony which floats upstairs into the baby's crib, Darrin finally realizes his daughter is a witch, but tries to hide his shock from Samantha. Darrin and Samantha have their hands full trying to keep the Tates from discovering the truth about Tabatha.

To get Larry to leave, Samantha uses her own magic to convince him that he has had too much to drink. Then she reassures Aunt Clara that she was not responsible for the untidy living room. Aunt Clara is overjoyed to have another witch in the family, the first of the new generation. Darrin, reconciled to the truth, tells Samantha its been so wonderful living with one witch, it should be twice as wonderful living with two.

COURTESY: Screen Gems

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