Finished Filming: 8-29-68
Written by: Rick Mittleman
Directed by: Richard Michaels


Diane Murphy as Tabitha (Erin was ill while this episode was filmed)
Vic Tayback as Mrs. Gurney
Dodo Denney as Mrs. Gurney
Barbara Perry as Mrs. Bentley
Art Metrano as Bulldozer Driver-#1
Jeff Burton as Bulldozer Driver-#2
Garland Thompson as Photographer
Robert Terry as Statue
Teddy Quinn as Boy
Arch Johnson as Harlan Mossler


*) It's always good to plan ahead. Samantha has a meeting on Tuesday, April 15th, in 1997. (EM'S BIRTHDAY)

*) In the last scene at the park, Samantha is wearing the same clothes as she did in the previous park scene.

*) Larry calls Darrin a "son of a gun", again.


Darrin - You're a witch in a million

Larry - Nothing Personal Sam

Summary: Samantha finds that a neighborhood playground, leased to the city for $1 a year, is to be razed for a supermarket. Darrin encourages Samantha to organize a protest. When a bulldozer bears down on the mothers and children, Samantha twitches the vehicle and its driver out of action. Harlan Mossler, grandson of the park's donor, plans to jail the women if they interfere again. At the office, Larry Tate congratulates Darrin on a supermarket presentation. Shocked to learn Mossler owns the park land, Darrin tries to talk Samantha out of further protests. Larry confronts Darrin with newspaper headlines and assures Mossler that Darrin will order Samantha to back down. However, Darrin takes Samantha's side and rushes to give her moral support.

After Mossler declares Darrin's job is at stake, Samantha decides to withdraw. However, Darrin insists she keep up the fight, even after Larry fires him. Inquiring what Col. Mossler would do, if he knew the park was being closed, Samantha twitches his statue to life. Col. Mossler orders his grandson to put the shopping center somewhere else. Shaken, Harlan rededicates the park to the children and gives Darrin all the Mossler advertising accounts. Samantha herself is confused when the statue breaks into a wide smile.

Courtesy: Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Page