181. "DARRIN THE WARLOCK" (11-27-69)

Finished Filming: 10-10-69
Written by: Rick Mittleman
Directed by: Richard Michaels


John Fielder as Bliss, Jr.
J. Edward McKinley as Bliss, Sr.
Irene Byatt as Betty

Summary: Samantha is making breakfast when her father appears. He reminds her through a series of flashbacks how Darrin seems to enjoy his gift of unlimited powers and announces that he will continue. Darrin comes down for breakfast, doesn't like what's being prepared, and conjures up a Continental breakfast complete with waitresses.

They finish breakfast and Darrin uses his power to pop to the office. Sam is wondering about it, but Maurice laughs it off. He gives Tabitha a new doll. Darrin, meanwhile, has just gotten a new deal wrapped up, thanks to witchcraft. He pops home to see Sam and tells her that both Bliss' will be over for dinner. Darrin pops back to his office, demonstrates his power to Larry and they both realize the huge implications. Larry doubles Darrin's bonus check.

Darrin meets an old friend, Dave, and decides to give up his gift. At dinner that night, he brings home pizza, and tells Sam of his decision. She is very pleased about it. He presents his original plan to the Bliss' instead of using his "inside information" and Larry., horrified, fires him. Sam and Maurice decide that Darrin is really better off as a mortal.

Courtesy: Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Page