Finished Filming: 8-19-71
Written by: John L. Greene
Directed by: Richard Michaels


Bernie Kopell as Alonzo
Charles Lane as Cushman
Samantha Scott as Betty


*) A unusual role for Bernie Kopell who usually plays the Apothecary, played the out-going Alonzo. This is 8th Bewitched appearance.

Summary: Samantha's cousin and childhood friend, Panda, is to be married in Hong Kong and Endora thinks Samantha should attend. Having just returned from Europe, Darrin's work has piled up and he is too busy to get away. Samantha wouldn't think of going without him, so the Stephens will be unable to attend. To Endora's logic the situation is quite simple - since it is Darrin's job that is keeping Samantha from attending her cousin's wedding, then the job must be eliminated!

To help her in this feat, Endora calls on Alonzo, a "right on" warlock. Alonzo, playing the role of the brightest copywriter ever to set foot on Madison Avenue, arrives at McMann and Tate. To make sure the act works, Alonzo zaps a spell on Larry Tate which results in Larry loving any and all of his ideas. Darrin is aghast, especially when Larry and Alonzo start to re-do the ad campaign on Montecello Carpets that Darrin has just completed. When Darrin interrupts Alonzo's thought waves, Larry suggests that Darrin should start his own agency if he doesn't like the progressive turn in McMann and Tate's policy. Darrin realizes at this point that the situation has all the earmarks of his mother-in-law's meddling. He calls and tells Samantha, who, after unsuccessfully trying to reach Endora, decides to fight witchcraft with witchcraft. With Darrin's blessings Samantha zaps his name onto the door of an empty office right across the hall from McMann and Tate, Larry approaches with Mr. Cushman of Montecello Carpets and when he reacts with surprise, Darrin reminds him that it was his idea. After Cushman hears Alonzo's ad campaign he returns to Darrin's "agency." In the end Darrin signs a contract with Montecello Carpets, Endora sees her scheme has backfired and Larry Tate contritely asks Darrin to come back to McMann and Tate.

Courtesy: Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Page