Finished Filming: 10-22-64
Written by: Danny Arnold
Directed by: William Asher


*) Why could Gladys Kravitz look over her fence to see Sam pop the swimming pool into the backyard when she lives across the street.

Summary: Larry and Louise Tate have been married for sixteen years and have no children. Louise asks Samantha to go with her to an obstetrician as tests have shown she is going to be a mother. Louise tells Samantha she is afraid to tell Larry since she believes he hates children. Larry, visiting his dentist at the medical center, sees Louise and Samantha enter the obstetrician's office. Thinking Samantha is going to have a baby, he tells Darrin, but cautions him not to say anything until Samantha tells him. In a revery, Darrin visualizes his children as little witches. He comes to with a sinking feeling.

Samantha invites the Tates to dinner. Both Larry and Darrin hover over Samantha, warning her not to exert herself. Louise is all but forgotten, but makes several unsuccessful attempts to tell Larry that he is to be a father. Finally, Samantha tells Larry. He is overjoyed. Although Darrin doesn't tell Samantha about his revery, he is reassured when she tells him she hopes they have a child who looks just like him.