49. "MY BOSS THE TEDDY BEAR" (12-9-65)

Finished Filming: 9-10-65
Written by: Bernard Slade
Directed by: William Asher


Jack Collins as Mr. Harper
Jill Foster as Receptionist
Henry Hunter as Mr. Bertram
Lon Bentley as Toy Clerk
Lael Jackson as Diane

Summary: Darrin tells Endora he is sure Larry Tate wouldn't let him attend a wedding out of town with Samantha. Darrin is annoyed when Endora suggests changing Larry into an inanimate object. Later, after getting Larry's permission to take Samantha and Darrin to the wedding, Endora learns that Larry has been unable to find a teddy bear for his son, and brings one to his office. When Darrin, who is working up a campaign to sell honey for Mr. Harper, sees the toy, he is sure it is Larry. Watching Darrin talking to the teddy bear, Harper concludes he is dealing with a madman. Meanwhile, Louise comes to the office. Having bought another teddy bear, she takes the one Darrin has entrusted to the receptionist and returns it to the toy shop.

Rushing out with Samantha, Darrin buys thirty four toy bears when he is unable to decide which one Louise returned, and takes them home. When Darrin accuses Endora of turning Larry into a teddy bear, she makes one fall apart. Darrin feels she has done away with Larry. As Darrin tries to prepare Louise for the worst, Larry walks in. As Darrin apologizes to Endora, he realizes the nodding bears would make a great ad for Harper's honey. Using her witchcraft, Samantha keeps Harper from leaving town before Darrin reaches him.