87. "MY FRIEND BEN" (12-8-66)

Finished Filming: 6-15-66
Written by: James Henerson
Directed by: William Asher

Harry Holbombe as Judge
Hollis Morrison as Reporter
Billy Beck as First Man
Tim Rooney as Teenage
Donald Mitchell as Policeman
Mike Road as Hawkins
Fred Wayne as Ben Franklin

Summary: Finding Samantha struggling to repair a lamp, Aunt Clara uses her uncertain powers of magic to summon an electrician. Benjamin Franklin, in 18th century clothes, appears. Samantha is upset by Ben's presence and Aunt Clara's wail that she can't remember how to undo the spell. Darrin, astonished by Ben's appearance in his home, can't convince Larry Tate that Ben is not his creation for an advertising campaign for Franklin Electronics. Abner Kravitz refuses to believe Gladys' report that the real Ben Franklin is at the Stephens'. Bowing to Samantha's pleas, Darrin agrees to allow her and Aunt Clara to show Ben how his inventions are being used in the city. The next morning Ben, leaving a note that he has decided to tour the city alone to avoid causing domestic discord, sets out.

Darrin, Samantha and Aunt Clara start searching for him. At a fire house, inspecting an old fire engine, Ben steps on the accelerator. The engine shoots out into the street and slams into a curb. Ben is arrested and taken to court, where the judge, sure it is all a publicity stunt, charges him with grand larceny and sets bail at a thousand dollars. Darrin puts up the bail, knowing he will lose it if Ben doesn't appear for trial in a month. Just then, Aunt Clara remembers the spell and Ben vanishes.