Finished Filming: 10-4-68
Written by: Lila Garrett and Bernie Kahn
Directed by: William Asher


*) Similar to "Out of Sync, Out of Mind".

Summary: After Uncle Arthur arrives with a puppy for Tabitha, Louise Tate appears, announcing she has broken up her marriage because Larry didn't pick her for his volley ball team. She goes upstairs to rest and Uncle Arthur asks if the Stephens will keep the puppy. When Samantha replies she can't speak for Darrin, Uncle Arthur, as a prank, switches her voice with Darrin's, and then finds he can't reverse the spell. Samantha and Darrin are frantic, trying to keep Louise, and Larry, who has come to the house, from discovering what happened. Feeling that Darrin is making fun of him, Larry angrily fires him.

Uncle Arthur returns Darrin's voice, but finds he himself has switched with Samantha. The confusion makes Louise think everyone is against her. Uncle Arthur switches back the voices, but after he leaves, they switch again. By this time, the Tates have made up, but are not speaking to the Stephens. Uncle Arthur tries another spell, which makes Darrin's hand stick to Samantha's. Uncle Arthur finally frees them, but declares Darrin has no sense of humor and conjures up a bag of 1000 cents. He leaves and the bag breaks, scattering coins all over the kitchen.