Finished Filming: 10-16-69
Written by: Peggy Chantler Dick and Douglas Dick
Directed by: David White

Jane Connell as Mother Goose


*) Sam's explanation to Darrin on explaining Mother Goose to Darrin is similar to "I Love Lucy's" Lucy's explanation to Ricky on her overdrawn checking account. This one of many similarities of "I Love Lucy" connection to Bewitched. William Asher directed both series.

Summary: Esmeralda, while reading a Mother Goose story to Tabitha, sneezes and causes the figure to appear in person. Samantha is upset because Mrs. Stephens is due any minute for a visit. Mrs. Stephens Arrives and announces that she has had a fight with Mr. Stephens and is leaving him. Shortly after, Mr. Stephens arrives. Meanwhile, Mother Goose has been floating around under the guise of being Samantha's strange aunt. Darrin comes home to the problem and he and Samantha share their panic.

Frank Stephens tries to humor Mother Goose and engages her in lively conversation about her poems while Samantha and Darrin go upstairs to Mrs. Stephens, resting in the guest room with a phony headache to try and talk some sense into her. Samantha decades the jealous wife idea would work and lets Mrs. Stephens see her husband and Mother Goose together. It works, and Mrs. Stephens rushes downstairs; but not before Esmeralda sneezes again and changes Mother Goose into a goose who does a slow fade-out before Mrs. Stephens' eyes. The elder Stephens united again, leave on a second honeymoon.