Finished Filming: 8-27-70
Written by: Michael Morris
Directed by: Richard Michaels

Edward Platt as Mr. Booker
Hope Summers as Carolyn
Joe Rose as Waiter
Ruth McDevitt as Millicent


*) Makeup artist Rolf Miller was nominated for an emmy on his work for this episode.

Summary: Darrin is again the victim of his mother-in-laws witchcraft when she casts a spell that turns him into a 73-year-old man. In an effort to calm down her husband, Samantha calls the Tates to break their bridge date, and she and Darrin go to a movie - a drive-in - so that no one will see old Darrin. However, Larry and Louise spot Sam at the refreshment stand and follow her to the car. Samantha quickly introduces her bald-headed, potbellied "date" as Grover Stephens, Darrin's grandfather. The Tate's leave only to return a few minutes later with Millicent, Louise's flirtatious, widowed aunt, and before Sam or Darrin can think of an excuse, Larry arranges a date between Millicent and Grover for the next night.

The following day, Darrin has an important luncheon with prospective client Jennings Booker. Since they've never met, Darrin decides his aged appearance won't matter. To complicate matters, Larry shows up at the restaurant unexpectedly and is quite annoyed until the "old" Darrin tells Booker his young ideas for the ad campaign. Later, to get Darrin out of his date with Millicent, Samantha changes herself into a gray-haired old lady and poses as Grover's wife. After getting Millicent out of the way, Sam refuses to change herself back until Endora removes the spell on Darrin. Endora can't bear having her daughter look twice as old as she does, so she finally gives in and changes Darrin back to normal.