Finished Filming: 8-26-71
Written by: Ruth Brooks Flippen
Directed by: Richard Michaels

Parley Baer as Burkeholder
Ron Russell as Chet
Samantha Scott as Betty
Roger Lajoie as Waiter
Julie Newmar as Ophelia


*) Remake of "It Takes One to Know One".

Summary: Darrin is trying to find a new Cat Lady for Tomcat Tractors, as part of their ad campaign. Endora, ever suspicious of Darrin, tries to stir up a bit of jealousy in Samantha. When she is unsuccessful, she reverts to her usual witchy self and enlists the help of Ophelia, a sometimes cat.

Ophelia gets the job of Cat Lady, entrancing both Larry Tate and Burkeholder of Tomcat Tractors. After being briefed by Darrin for her appearance at a sales convention, Ophelia feigns stage fright at the prospect of Darrin not attending the convention. As usual Larry pressures Darrin into going. Darrin is chagrined as he and Samantha were to celebrate the anniversary of their first date. He decides to take a late plane back from the convention so they can still have their celebration. Ophelia fixes this by pretending to be the reservations clerk at the airport and telling Darrin that, due to fog, no planes will be departing that evening. Darrin calls to let Samantha know of the delay. When Endora continues her hinting as to Darrin's real reasons for not coming home and then comes up with a good weather report, Samantha senses a plot. She prevails upon Endora to accompany her to Darrin's hotel room. They are just in time for Ophelia's temptress act with Darrin as the target. After a bit of "counter spell" casting, Samantha resolves the situation. Darrin comes through with flying colors and Endora promises not to interfere again.