13. "LOVE IS BLIND" (12-10-64)

Finished Filming: 10-29-64
Written by; Roland Wolpert
Directed by: William Asher


Chris Noel as Susan
Ralph Barnard as Minister
Adam West as Kermit
Kit Smythe as Gertrude


*) See everyone...Sam goes to church so we know the show isn't demonic or anything.

Summary: Samantha's friend ,Gertrude, a nice, plain-looking girl, expresses her envy of the happiness Samantha has found in marriage. Although Darrin tries to avoid getting mixed up in matchmaking, Samantha persuades him to bring Kermit, a handsome artist, home to dinner to meet Gertrude. Kermit falls for Gertrude. Although Samantha will not admit it, Darrin suspects Gertrude is a witch and tries to break up her romance with Kermit.

Darrin arranges a meeting at a night spot for Kermit with Susan, a former girl friend. There, Samantha uses witchcraft to get Susan into an argument with Kermit. Susan storms out, unable to recall what has happened. When Gertrude arrives, according to Samantha's plan, Kermit proposes to her.