Finished Filming: 8-25-65
Written by: Paul David and John L. Greene
Directed by: William Asher


Charles Lane as Ed Hotchkiss
Elizabeth Fraser as Frances Hotchkiss
Diana Chesney as Hagatha
Mort Mils as Policeman
Sharon Debord as Miss Kimball


*) First of many Charles Lane episodes.

*) Remade as the series' final episode.

Summary: Endora tells Samantha there would be instant chaos if human beings, including Darrin, were to tell the truth. Later, Endora delivers a statuette to Darrin's office. Everyone coming within its range, except Samantha, is forced to tell the truth. The statuette causes several eruptions between Darrin, his secretary and Larry Tate. Things really break wide open at the Stephens home when Louise and Larry Tate arrive with agency client, Ed Hotchkiss and his wife, Frances. Darrin begins criticizing Ed's ability to create ad campaigns. Larry himself is surprised when he joins in. Louise, tired of listening to her husband's stories of how he worked his way up from nothing, tells him her father set him up in business. A verbal battle is going strong when dinner is served.

The next morning Samantha learns that the statuette was responsible for the truth session. By this time Darrin is sure he has lost his job and the agency an important client. Then his boss arrives to ask for an apology from Darrin. Moving into the range of the statuette, Larry tells Darrin the Hotchkiss's were glad for the donnybrook which cleared up a lot of old misunderstandings. After Larry agrees to give Darrin a raise and full responsibility for the Hotchkiss account, Endora admits that sometimes good comes from the truth.