Finished Filming: 10-23-69
Written by: Ed Jurist
Directed by: Luther James

Charles Lane as Shotwell
J. Edward McKinley as Washburn
Morgan Jones as Johnson
Marion Madden as Miss Wiley
Sandra Kent as Hostess
Bernie Kuby as Waiter

Summary: Endora is at it again. Darrin who has been perplexed by his mother-in-law for all these years still hasn't learned that no matter how he tries Endora will never like mortals. In this story, Darrin has given in to Samantha and is trying to be pleasant and agreeable to his mother-in-law. Endora decides to cast a spell on Darrin whereby he makes himself agreeable to everyone and everything. He agrees to help save starlings and to many other charitable organizations in the neighborhood. In the office Darrin, now under Endora's spell, attempts being agreeable but is in such terrible condition that all he achieves is getting fired. Samantha uses her witchy powers to get Darrin another job. Before he takes the new job, Samantha realizes that Endora has put a spell on him and makes her mother remove the spell.