211. "THE CORSICAN COUSINS" (12-10-70)

Finished Filming: 9-30-70
Written by: Ed Jurist
Directed by: Richard Michaels

Barbara Morrison as Mrs. Nichols
Ann Doran as Mrs. Raphael
Robert Wolders as Clark
Jerry Rush as Dancer

Summary: Darrin is after the Bigelows Industries' account. Mr. Nichols, president of the firm, is a social snob whose business relations unalterably are linked to public relations. In other words, if Nichols or his wife doesn't like you socially, you can count on not getting their account. On the home front, Endora -- in her usual un-motherly manner, casts a spell on Samantha. It links Sam's thoughts and words with Cousin Serena's. What Serena says, Samantha says and likewise for actions. Darrin is confused by his wife's madness, especially during a surprise visit by Mrs. Nichols. The unexpected social call is obviously espionage. The situation worsens when Larry, who just happened to be in the neighborhood, calls on the Stephens' in a kind of counter-espionage.

Samantha is at her worst as Serena's anti-social "no-no's" periodically invade Sam's normally acceptable social etiquette. Mrs. Nichols and her society sidekick, Mrs. Raphael, can hardly wait to leave the Stephens' household. Larry realizes that with the ladies leaving, the advertising account goes with them. Darrin is also "on the way out" -- of the company that is --- until Larry later discovers that Mr. Nichols is discovered to be associated with the underworld. In scaring off the Bigelow account, Samantha has saved Darrin's company's reputation and, incidentally, his job.