241. "THREE MEN AND A WITCH ON A HORSE" (12-15-71)

Finished Filming: 9-16-71
Written by: Ed Jurist
Directed by: Richard Michaels

Hoke Howell as Dancer
Scatman Crothers as Handler
John Fielder as Spengler


*) Darrin's OTB number is A231, and his code name is Dog.

Summary: Darrin's conservative nature leads Endora to cast a gambling spell on him. Endora indirectly gives Darrin a tip on the daily double and Darrin wins a bundle. Larry and Mr. Spengler, a client, decide to go along with Darrin and place a bet on the seventh race. By this time, Samantha has found out what her mother is up to and tries to get her to remove the spell. Instead of removing the spell, though, Endora passes on a bum tip to Darrin. Even though Fancy Dancer is a known loser, Darrin respects his source and bets on him and gets Larry and Mr. Spengler to go for some action too.

Knowing that Darrin will be blamed if the horse loses, Samantha goes to visit Fancy Dancer before the race and tries to talk some sense into him. When it looks as though Fancy Dancer will come in last, Darrin offers to take over Larry and Mr. Spengler's bets. But Dancer comes through (Samantha's little talk helped) and wins the race. Darrin has really struck it rich because the horse was a long shot. But when he finds out how he won the money he decides to give to charity. Mr. Spengler and Larry now want the action on their bets back because of the good results. So Darrin's favorite charity will have to wait.