Finished Filming: 10-19-66
Written by: Jerry Devine & Izzy Elinson
Directed by: R. Robert Rosenbaum

Paul Reed as Mr. Scranton
Steve Franken as Hawkins

Summary: Samantha tells Aunt Clara she plans to get a bank loan in order to tear down the gazebo and build a rumpus room. At the park, Tabatha fancies another baby's toy elephant and twitches it over. Before Samantha can return it, the child's mother accuses her of being a toy snatcher. At the bank, Mr. Scranton learns that Darrin works for MacMahon and Tate. Since his brother is president of one of the firm's biggest accounts, Scranton approves the loan, but sends Hawkins to appraise the Stephens' property just as a formality. At home, Tabatha demands a toy elephant. Aunt Clara waves her arms and a live polka dotted baby elephant appears. Samantha begs Aunt Clara to get rid of it but finds that she needs the toy elephant to do so.

Hawkins sees the multicolored elephant in the living room and drives off. Soon Larry phones that he's bringing Scranton over to squelch the wild story before he repeats it to his brother. Aunt Clara brings the toy elephant but she and Samantha can't make the live animal disappear before Tate, Scranton, and Hawkins arrive. Samantha manages to hide it until the elephants head suddenly breaks through the wall. Samantha convinces Hawkins that Darrin bagged it on safari. Aunt Clara pronounces the spell, the toy disappears, and the live baby elephant takes its place in the park.