123. "HUMBUG NOT TO BE SPOKEN HERE" (12-21-67)

Finished Filming: 10-5-67
Written by: Lila Garrett & Bernie Kahn
Directed by: William Asher

Don Beddoe as Santa Claus
Martin Ashe as Hawkins
Rosalyn Burbage as Margaret
Charles Lane as Mr. Mortimer

Summary: Darrin plans to decorate the tree with Samantha on Christmas Eve. At the office he finds Larry Tate with a new client, J.W. Mortimer, of Mortimer's Instant Soups, who loves only his soups and his clocks. Mortimer, who hates Christmas, insists that they work out the campaign at his house. When Darrin leaves, because it is Christmas Eve, Mortimer threatens to take his account to another agency. Later, when Darrin is home asleep, Samantha nose-twitches herself into Mortimer's bedroom and takes him to meet Santa Claus at the North Pole. Forcing him to help Santa pack, Samantha warns him to be careful with a unique Betsy Bruisy doll. Samantha, Mortimer and Santa ride in the sleigh to the home of Hawkins, Mortimers old butler, who has had to sneak out to play with his grandson Jamie. When Hawkin's daughter calls Mortimer a skinflint, the butler defends him as a lonely old man.

When Samantha returns Mortimer to his mansion, he can't understand what has happened. In the morning, Mortimer arrives at the Stephens' with a case of his Soups for a Christmas present and accepts an invitation to dinner. Samantha freezes everyone when Santa Claus comes down the chimney and gives Tabatha the Betsy Bruisy doll. Later, Mortimer doesn't know why he recognizes the doll. Samantha smiles at him and wishes him a Merry Christmas.