53. "MAID TO ORDER" (1-6-66)

Finished Filming: 9-2-65
Written by: Richard Baer
Directed by: Bill Asher

Elvia Allman as Mrs. Luftwaffe
Roxanne Arlen as Barbara Elliot
Alice Ghostley as Naomi

*) The familiar "I Love Lucy" laugh track, "Uh oh" is used in this episode and again in "Follow That Witch", part 1.

Summary: Samantha agrees to hire a maid after Darrin orders her to give up all housework until their child is born. The demands of the first applicants are impossible to meet. Then Naomi Hogan impresses Samantha when she confesses her skill at preparing inedible food and penchant for breaking dishes. Telling Samantha she needs a job to pay for her son's tuition at medical school, Naomi adds she'll sign a note with interest to pay for anything she breaks. Samantha hires her. Unfortunately, the Stephens have invited Larry and Louise Tate to dinner that night. At dinnertime, Samantha finds the kitchen in a shambles. Using magic, Samantha turns the mess into a feast.

As Naomi is about to leave on her day off, Darrin answers Louise Tate's phone call. Louise asks to hire Naomi as a substitute for her maid, who had to leave town, at an important dinner Larry is giving. Naomi goes to the Tates. Learning what has happened, Samantha tells Darrin the Tates must cancel the dinner, or invite the Stephens. Darrin's efforts to have Larry do so fail. Finally, Samantha flits from her home to the Tates, helping Naomi turn another disaster into triumph. The next day, Naomi tells Samantha she is quitting, because sooner or later, she would have to be fired. As Naomi rapidly calculates her breakage, Samantha gets an idea and persuades Darrin to hire Naomi for his firm's accounting department.