91. SAM IN THE MOON" (1-5-67)

Finished Filming: 11-17-66
Written by: James Henerson
Directed by: R. Robert Rosenbaum

Dort Clark as Ed
Tim Herbert as Frank
Joseph Mell as Mr. Grand
Baynes Barron as Harry
Bob Okazaki as Mr. Watanabe

Summary: Darrin asks Samantha to join him in watching moon pictures on TV, but she replies she's already been there. Then Endora takes Samantha shopping in Tokyo. She buys some unique tea from Watanabe, a Japanese warlock. Darrin asks Larry Tate what a person knowing an inexpensive way to reach the moon should do. He replies it would be that person's patriotic duty to inform the authorities. On Samantha's return, Darrin asks where she has been and refuses to believe she's been in Japan. However, he accepts her annoyed explanation that she's been on another trip to the moon. Darrin dreams that he has reported Samantha to NASA officials. Although he does everything to save her, she is taken into custody by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Darrin takes the tea and a package containing house dust to be analyzed by Mr. Grand, the neighborhood pharmacist. For a while Darrin thinks the dust is moon dust, and that Grand has reported it to NASA. Then Darrin finds that Grand was interested in the unusual tea because his brother-in-law from Nassau County thought it would have a great sale in his chain of stores. Darrin questions Samantha about the moon again, but she replies there are some things a wife should never tell a husband.