Finished Filming: 11-30-69
Written by: Richard Baer
Directed by: Richard Michaels

Bernie Kopell as Apothecary
Pat Priest (The Munsters) as Nurse
Jonathan Hole as Manger
Merie Earle as Old Lady
Norman Klar as Hippie

Summary: Samantha is upset because Tabitha refuses to eat her lunch. Esmeralda the maid pops in and sees this, and when Samantha helps Darrin look for his golf-glove, she puts a spell on Tabitha's glass of milk. Whoever drinks it will have an insatiable appetite. Before Esmeralda can stop her, Samantha drinks the milk and immediately develops a terrific hunger. She is devouring every food item in sight and Esmeralda, failing to break the spell, dashes off to the Apothecary's to get a new potion. Abner Kravitz drops in but Samantha's rapid manufacture and consumption of hero sandwiches forces him to a hasty retreat. Darrin drives Samantha to the supermarket where in a scene of wild confusion, Samantha rushes from cart to cart grabbing and eating other people's food. Returning home, they call in Dr. Bombay, who breaks Samantha's hunger spell.

Samantha, however, now develops an intense desire to sleep. She cannot stay awake for more than a minute, and when Abner Kravitz returns he cannot keep her awake and again he leaves hastily. Esmeralda confesses that she put the spell on the milk - Dr. Bombay has only transferred it from one symptom to another. She produces the apothecary's potion which Samantha drinks and immediately feels stuffed. Esmeralda is delighted that everything has returned to normal, and to prove it, she pops out of her apron and disappears.