Finished Filming: 10-1-70
Written by: Phil and Henry Sharp
Directed by: William Asher

Robert Q. Lewis as Maxwell
Jim Lange as M.C.
John McGiver as Bobbins

Summary: Darrin comes up with a new ad campaign for Bobbins Bon Bons which Samantha likes and Endora doesn't. The meddlesome mother-in-law comes up with a campaign of her own, modestly called, "Bobbins' Mother-in-Law of the Year!" Failing to pitch her ad idea to Darrin, she uses her son-in-law as a dummy and he unwittingly presents Endora's idea to Mr. Bobbins, the candy company president. Bobbins is instantly enraptured with Endora's idea and with Endora. His spell-cast attraction to Samantha's mother makes him insist that Endora be used in their TV commercials, the first of which is to be aired live on "Sweetheart Parade."

Just before air time, Endora tells Samantha and Darrin that she's not going to do the commercial but instead has decided to go skiing with a warlock named Peabody. Darrin convinces Samantha to dress up like her mother to do the live commercial. The mock mother-in-law arrives undetected at the studio and is about to begin the commercial when the real Endora shows up and demands equal time. Endora twitches herself to look like her daughter and the commercial, although it doesn't follow the script, turns into an amusing but effective sales pitch. Endora is pleased, Bobbins is pleased, Larry Tate is pleased, Samantha is pleased and Darrin -- he's relieved.