55. "MY BABY, THE TYCOON" (1-20-66)

Finished Filming: 12-15-65
Written by: Richard Baer
Directed by: William Asher

William Kendis as Stockbroker
Jack Fletcher as Julius

*) The house that the Kravitz's live in now is the old Donna Reed house.

Gladys and Abner Kravitz give Tabatha a share of stock bought through Gladys' cousin, a broker. The stock rises rapidly. Darrin, unsure whether Tabatha inherits Samantha's witchcraft, feels the baby maybe responsible. He puts the stock page in front of her and calling Gladys' cousin, buys a share of stock on which the baby's finger rested. When that stock rises, the broker tells Gladys to try to get some tips from Darrin. Gladys and Abner go to the Stephens' home. Gladys asks Samantha about the stock rise. Jokingly, Samantha tells her that maybe Tabatha gave Darrin a tip. Gladys puts the financial page in front of Tabatha, who pokes a finger at a stock. Later, Abner tells Darrin he sold his holdings and invested them in the stock which then dropped twenty points.

After telling Samantha that Tabatha was responsible for the Kravitzes losing their life savings, Darrin learns that the stock has returned to its original position and that there were logical reasons for the way the stock behaved. He admits it had nothing to do with Tabatha. However, Darrin can't resist having the baby pick a horse for him. Still skeptical, Darrin tells Samantha the horse lost because Tabatha didn't bet on it herself.