Finish Filming: 8-1-66

Written by: David V. Robison & John L. Greene

Directed by: William Asher


Estelle Winwood as Enchantra

Reta Shaw as Hagatha

Maurice Evans as Maurice


*Enchantra & Hagatha have been certifying witches for over 308 years. (since 1558).

*Watch for Diane Murphy as Tabitha being tested by Sam's aunts.

*Watch out for more sloppy special affects when Tabitha begins "floating" again.

Summary: Endora tells Samantha that her aunts are coming to the Stephens' home to test Tabatha's powers of witchcraft. First Aunt Clara comes down the chimney. Then Aunt Hagatha and Aunt Enchantra appear. When Samantha wishes her father were present, Maurice sweeps in. Endora and Maurice quarrel and Maurice leaves for a performance of "Faust," in Vienna. During the test, Tabatha thrills her great-aunts with the display of her powers. Hearing strange voices when he phones, Darrin tells Samantha he is coming home. At that, the phone cord loops itself around Darrin and Larry Tate. When they succeed in freeing themselves and get into the car, it immediately develops four flats.

Darrin finally arrives just Endora declares that it has been decided to educate Tabatha in Hagatha's school for witches. Outraged when Darrin firmly takes a stand that Tabatha's education should be decided only by her parents, Endora, Hagatha and Enchantra pronounce a magic spell. Samantha, Darrin and Aunt Clara, who has sided with them, find themselves rooted to the floor. When Endora prepares to leave with Tabatha, Samantha blows a whistle Maurice gave her. Maurice appears, makes a magic gesture, and the three witches find themselves shivering on a mountain top. They are brought back by Maurice on condition they promise not to meddle with his grandchild. Later, Maurice offers Darrin and Samantha an evening on the town any place in the world while he babysits with Tabatha.

Courtesy: Screen Gems