Finished Filming: 8-11-67

Written by: Ed Jurist

Directed by: William Asher


Stanley Beck as Ferdy


*Notice Liz's lines had to dubbed over because she was laughing so hard during the pie throwing scene.

*When Serena gets hit with a pie, notice her black wig falling off backwards!

Summary: Annoyed when Queen Samantha holds court at 3 AM, Darrin forces her to dismiss her subjects. Furious, Endora resolves to get rid of Darrin forever. After Samantha leaves for a church bazaar, Endora summons Cousin Serena, Samantha's double. Darrin thinks his wife is still angry when Serena refuses to kiss him. Gladys comes for a cup of sugar. Serena stops her questions with witchcraft. Darrin is jolted when Serena declares she's not just a mortal housewife, but a queen. Endora pops in, freezes Darrin and scolds Serena for overacting. Darrin, feeling his marriage in danger, asks Larry Tate to find out what's bothering Samantha. Serena makes a play for him and Larry agrees Darrin has a problem. When Darrin asks if Endora cast a spell, Serena, tired of silly mortal games, conjures up witches and warlocks. Angry, Darrin storms out. Endora compliments Serena on a fine job.

Darrin returns to find Serena ready to go out in a miniskirt. She answers his protests by changing herself into a slattern. When Abner, returning the sugar, reports Gladys saw Samantha at the bazaar, Darrin gets a glimmer, but thinks it was Samantha's double. As Samantha enters with a large pie, Darrin, thinking she is the double, shoves it in her face. Samantha, protesting her innocence, twitches up another pie. As Darrin grabs it, Samantha ducks and Endora gets the pie instead. When Serena appears, Darrin realizes his mistake. Later, Samantha reports that Endora, after a trial, is serving out her punishment. As Endora skywrites, " I promise never to bother What's-his name again," Samantha knows her mother has had the last word.

Courtesy: Screen Gems