Finished Filming: 4-9-69

Written by: Ed Jurist

Directed by: William Asher


J. Edward McKinley as Mr. Hampton


*First Esmeralda episode.

Summary: Endora insists Samantha needs a maid and produces Esmeralda, a witch. Dubious about Esmeralda, who fades out when she gets nervous, Darrin allows her to stay for Tabitha's sake but decides to work at home. Endora casts a spell on Larry Tate to order him into the office. Samantha worries about Esmeralda's sneezes when the furniture rises and a tree appears in the living room. Over Darrin's objections, Larry brings a client, Mr. Hampton, to the Stephen's home to look over some ad layouts.

When the maid sneezes up a unicorn, Samantha and Darrin try to keep the others from seeing it. Darrin presents it as the ad symbol for a new car. Larry seizes on the idea and hustles Hampton out as the furniture floats and Esmeralda fades out. After Samantha tells Darrin the maid will stay invisible until called, the Stephens are relieved when she sneezes and nothing happens. Then Tabitha reports there's an elephant in her bedroom.

Courtesy: Screen Gems