Finished Filming: 7-1-65

Written by: Ted Sherman & Jane Klove

Directed by: E.W. Swackhamer


Kendrick Huxham as Warlock

Minnie Coffin as Nanny Witch

Beryl Hammond as Kitty Girl

Maurice Evans as Maurice


*Samantha calls Maurice "Father" instead of "Daddy".

Summary: Phoning from London, the Tates inform the Stephens that their governess has been taken ill. They ask Darrin and Samantha to care for the child until they return. Gladys Kravitz sees them leaving the house and returning with a baby. Assuming the Stephens' baby has arrived, Gladys congratulates Maurice, Samantha's father, on the birth of his grandson. Maurice is shocked to find the baby is not being taught witchcraft. He flies away with the child to the Warlocks Club in London. Meanwhile the Tates arrive at the local airport. Darrin tries to stall while Samantha finds their baby. In London, after many tests, the Warlocks tell Maurice the baby "hasn't got it." Nanny witch adds that the baby is a mortal like the father.

At the Stephens' home, Samantha and Darrin are about to tell the Tates their baby is missing, when Maurice arrives with the child. Maurice's pride is restored when Samantha tells him her baby is not due for several months. Arriving with a present, Gladys is told to wait until Samantha's baby is born. Before vanishing through a wall, Maurice hands Gladys a giant martini. Watching Gladys down it, Samantha hopes she will not remember what she has seen and heard.

Courtesy: Screen Gems