78. "ACCIDENTAL TWINS" (10-6-66)

Finished Filming: 6-23-66

Written by: Howard Leeds

Directed by: William Asher


Marion Lorne as Aunt Clara


*Johnathan's name was originally Timothy when this script was originally written.

*Johnathan Tate appears one more time on Bewitched in "Mixed Doubles"

*David White had a real life son named Johnathan.

*Watch out for more of Diane Murphy as Tabitha in this episode.

*Looks awfully sunny outside for a few night scenes that were done!

Summary: Aunt Clara babysits with Tabatha Stephens and Timothy Tate when their parents go to the theater. She entertains the babies with magic. Peeping through the window, Gladys Kravitz is completely befuddled. Her magic dulled by age, Aunt Clara's spells go awry and suddenly Timothy becomes twins. Aunt Clara can't remember how to undo the spell. Arriving home, Samantha and Darrin are aghast. Frantically, they try to keep the Tates from learning what happened to their baby. Since Larry has to catch an early plane, they persuade the Tates to leave Timothy overnight.

The next morning, Louise arrives, followed by Larry, whose flight has been delayed. As the Tates are on the verge of discovering the worst, Samantha realizes that a youthful Aunt Clara could solve the problem. She uses magic to make Aunt Clara ten years younger. Aunt Clara pronounces the proper spell and the twins are just one baby again. Leaving, Larry wishes he had another baby just like Timothy. Samantha and Darrin exchange weary looks.

Courtesy: The Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomey Page