Finished Filming: 8-22-69

Written by: Ed Jurist

Directed by: William Asher


Jay Robinson as Caesar

Joyce Easton as Evelyn

Herb Ellis as Officer #2

John Harmon as Taxi Driver

John J. Fox as Officer #1

Bart Carpinelli as Hippie Leader

Elizabeth Thompson as Cleopatra


Esmerlada: Caesar, you are supposed to go back to days of your! Caesar, you are supposed to go back!

Summary: Samantha asks Esmeralda, the magically inept maid, to whip up a Caesar salad. She produces Julius himself, in toga and laurel wreath. Then Darrin announces that Larry Tate is coming to discuss ideas for a beauty account, Charday Lizard Oil. When Esmeralda can't send Caesar back, Darrin asks that she at least dress him in modern clothes. Esmeralda switches the two men's outfits. When Darrin opens the door clad in toga and wreath, Larry worries that Darrin is cracking up.

Mrs. Charday arrives to hear Darrin's great idea. Meanwhile, Caesar declares he will stay with the Stephens. To induce him to go home, Samantha twitches up Cleopatra, borne on a litter by six Nubians. The commotion in the kitchen brings in the others. Mrs. Charday approves the idea for her ad campaign - Great Romances of History. Caesar gleefully leaves for Rome to keep his rendezvous with Cleo. Samantha asks for Hearts of Palm salad and Esmeralda produces a palm tree.

Courtesy: Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Page