202. "SALEM HERE WE COME" (10-1-70)

Finished Filming: 7-30-70

Written by: Michael Morris

Directed by: William Asher


Jane Connell as Hepzibah

Summary: Hepzibah, Empress and High Priestess of all witches and warlocks, has taken up residence at the Stephens' home. The purpose of her visit is to observe the first and only marriage of a witch and a mortal. Naturally, she has brought along certain "trappings" to enhance the esteemed presence of the Empress ... they include the transforming of the Stephens home into a pretty good imitation of Buckingham Palace, complete with four servants, a trumpeter, and a pair of Russian wolfhounds. She constantly refers to Darrin as "the mortal" and is generally making life very hard for him and Samantha. The result of her study, will either be her approval on the match or the dissolving of the marriage...the latter to be achieved by simply dissolving Darrin.

Darrin is doing very poorly at making a good impression on Hepzibah when she and Samantha "pop" in at his office. Mr. Hitchcock, a very important client, is saved from Hepzibah's wrath by a spell from Samantha which makes him very attentive and attracted to Hepzibah. Not only does it save Mr. Hitchcock from her wrath, it also makes Hepzibah a bit more attracted to mortals than she has been. Hepzibah's decision to drum Samantha out of the witches world, as opposed to dissolving Darrin is postponed when Samantha tells Mr. Hitchcock that Hepzibah will be in Salem the following weekend and he makes plans to be there also. Salem is the site of the Witches Convention and Samantha wants Darrin to attend. Thus, Darrin and Samantha are given more time to prove that a witch and a mortal can live happily ever after.

Courtesy: Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Page